Our Story

We take pride in what we do.

This story begins over forty years ago when Chuck Freedman dreamed of being the first to bring the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in the Pan and Stuffed Pizza to the great city of Milwaukee.

Chuck spent endless hours, days and months endeavoring to duplicated the perfect crust, sauce and the Italian garlic sausage, all of which had been “Top Secret” for two Chicago establishments and is now a staple in downtown Chicago.



In 1971, Freedmanelli’s Numero Uno opened in Shorewood, Wisconsin. This one-of-a-kind Italian Restaurant/Pizzeria quickly became one of the most successful restaurants on the East Side and North Shore area. For over 15 years, Numero Uno’s was frequented by thousands of families, couples, college students and local friends, all enjoying the finest of cuisines and the best in local entertainment.

When Chuck was diagnosed with Cancer in 1986, the Numero Uno’s Era ended. However, with miracles in medicine and the strongest will to survive, Chuck’s dream of being a pioneer in the restaurant business continued…

In 1988, Chuck envisioned another one-of-a-kind establishment, a complete family restaurant serving breakfast (all day), lunch, dinner, and his signature pizza.

You see…what you don’t know yet is that “Chef” Chuck Freedman’s first love was breakfast and his second was the sandwich – a passion he quickly discovered while serving in Korea feeding the troops in the early 1950′s and again in a job he took working for the great George Webb – a true pioneer himself in restaurant circles. With the opportunity to purchase and franchise, Chuck soon owned several George Webb and Ham-N-Egger Restaurants in the Milwaukee area during the 1960′s.

With that said, since 1988 when Chuck’s Place Family Restaurant opened in Thiensville, Wisconsin, we’ve proudly served a whole new generation of families, couples, students and neighborhood friends in our one-of-a-kind friendly environment. With a seven page menu including breakfast, lunch (over 30 sandwiches to choose from), homemade soups, a huge selection of appetizers, and full dinner menu featuring barbecue ribs, steaks, seafood entrees, Italian dishes, rotisserie chicken and duck, Friday Fish Frys and our award winning pizza, voted “Best in Milwaukee” year after year…You are sure to get “stuffed” at Chuck’s.

Ted Hagen, a 20-year employee of Chuck Freedman, became the owner of Chuck’s Place Family Restaurant since the year 2000, tell you this story. With over 30 years of restaurant experience, a wealth of knowledge instilled in me by my mentor and friend, the most amazing recipes handed down with entrusted faith and the greatest staff ever assembled, proudly serve this community and all who visit Chuck’s Place Family Restaurant.